SMART SALON provide an online booking URL to add on your social network, marketing channel like Facebook, Instagram, Google… So that customer can quick access to your shop online booking page and start make booking. I. Get Online Booking URL from SMART SALON System 1. Access your shop in SMART SALON System 2. Click on […]

This guideline will help your customer can use self check-in application to check-in for their appointment or make their own booking directly at the shop. I. Setup Check-in Application 1. Open check-in application on your tablet device 2. Input your shop ID for the first time you open the application on tablet device 3. After […]

This a guideline for user to login smart salon mobile application for technician and owner. I. Add new staff on Web POS system To let technician employee use the mobile application, you need to create their information on Smart Salon system. 1: Access to Menu > Staff > Staff List 2: Proceed to add new […]

This guideline will help you setup your first very own shop on Smart Salon system. I. Register new shop 1. Access to this link 2. Fill required information to register new shop and account 1: Input your first and last name 2: Select your county 3: Input your contact phone number 4: Input your […]

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